Shaolin Kempo Kung-Fu is the perfect activity for teenagers. Not only does it get them off the couch and away from the games, but it provides a constructive environment that is conducive to developing stronger focus and study habits, positive attitudes, and healthy social interaction.

Teens in our classes love to learn how to defend themselves in each of the different methods (Pad and Bag drills, Form Routines, Sparring, and Locking/Throwing techniques) and are constantly being engaged and challenged with fun new skills, and new understandings.

Gain Respect, Honor, and Integrity

Students who progress through our program come away with a number of traits and basic values considered to be the hallmarks of Shaolin Kung-Fu practice such as respect, humility, honor, integrity, courage, discipline, and compassion…and let’s not forget the most important one of all for teenagers: A strong sense of Self-Discipline and Self-Direction!

Enrolling in Shaolin Kempo Kung-Fu allows teens to use their time productively. Not only can they get a great workout, meet friends,  and challenge their abilities, but also at the same time learn the knowledge, traditions, and values that can help them develop respect, self-reliance, and responsibility!