Tiger Kids

Ages 5 to 7 are the most important years of your child’s development. The Tiger Kids classes will keep your child fit and active while encouraging the benefits of good behavior, teamwork, and being their best at home, at school, and in social situations. Shaolin Martial Arts will improve your child’s motor skills and enhance their mental development resulting in higher self-esteem, better listening skills.


Dragon Kids

Our Dragon Kids classes teach members aged 8-11. The level of instruction in this class emphasizes the idea that ‘drills equal skills’. Students will be introduced to interactive and individual routines that not only hone one’s martial ability, but also help kids develop Confidence, Self-Defense, and Fitness so they can be their best on and off the mats…and have fun while doing it.

Your child will learn how to protect themselves against bullies, increase fitness level, and coordination while cultivating the values of RESPECT, SELF-CONTROL, & SELF-DISCIPLINE!

As students progress through the curriculum, they will earn coloured belts and awards. Our curriculum is designed so that Kids can set achievable goals appropriate to their individual abilities, and make regular and real progress.